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Time to Heal Your Heart & Mind to Start Living Abundantly Ever After!

Peace + Blessings,

Life is about Positive Forward Movement

Trauma is the shit that fucks you up. I'm no stranger to trauma, toxic relationships, and "the struggle". I've been through it all from domestic violence, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, and then some. But I'm still here! Healing, growing, thriving, and getting closer to my dreams. Manifesting the life, love, and abundance I desire.

I'm Jovhannah Tisdale, host of the Abundantly Ever After Show. You may know of me as The Spiritual Love Healer. I created this show as a safe space to share my experience and also provide support for others dealing with challenges in life.

It's so easy to feel like you're the only one struggling with life, relationships, and everything else.. but that's not the case. I used to feel like that and can tell you that's not the truth!

You are NOT the things that you have experienced. You are NOT broken or damaged. You are a beautiful soul, having human experiences. It's time to stop letting your past, dim your shine!

I'm here to guide you towards your Abundantly Ever After. Helping you heal your heart, reach your goals and manifest the life you want, the love you desire, and the abundance you deserve in all areas of life.

Here, we are dedicated to living Abundantly Ever After!

Jovhannah Tisdale, The Spiritual Love Healer

Ways I Can Support You

Explore ways that I can support you in living, loving, and enjoying your life!


Abundantly Ever After coaching coming soon! Be sure you're subscribed to the Abundant Soul Newsletter. You'll be the first to know when these offers are available.


Programs and courses to help you heal, grow, and thrive in love and life! You'll also find workshops where I walk you through processes like journaling for abundance and so much more inside the academy.


Expand your vision, open your heart, and activate abundance in your life. The Collective membership is here to help you develop an abundance mindset and healthy habits to reach your goals.

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