August 22

Evaluating Your Circle and Relationships

I’m back and feeling better.

Since I’ve not been recording I have been working behind the scenes to get the website up and running, plus I created the Abundant Soul Journal for you.

This episode is going to help you evaluate the people in your life and there’s some homework for you. So grab your journal and pen!

It’s important to know what role people play in your life and how you both exchange value. This lets you know the quality of the relationship and helps you determine if you want to continue cultivating the relationship.

There are different levels of friendships, just like there are different levels of romantic relationships. I talk about the different frequencies or types of love in my beginner course Energy of Love.

Let’s explore ways you can evaluate your relationships:

Start by listing out who’s in your inner circle. These would be the people closest to your heart. Then, look at those who might be in the middle. These would be friends, associates… then the outer layer these would be people who you associate with.

Everyone has their place. This isn’t about cutting everyone off. You’re getting insight into your relationships and the people that influence you.


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