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Tips on Setting Your Abundance Code Intention

An intention is what you want to focus on, or what you intend (desire) to create through the Abundance Code Collective. It's way more powerful to set one intention that you focus on until you achieve it with your membership.

Use positive language. Instead of 'I want to get out of debt'. Write I want financial freedom.

Remember 'Faith Without Works is Dead". I want to be a multimillionaire, but if I don't DO anything, that won't happen. This isn't a magic wand, but it is a powerful boost of abundant energy.

Write is as an affirmation or a mantra. I am a new homeowner. I am a successful business owner.

Write it as though it already happened. I manifested $5000!

What Do You Desire?

You get to choose what you focus on.

Here are some examples of intentions.

  • I am so happy and grateful to have generated $5000! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • I have a healthy money mindset.
  • I got a bonus from my job!
  • 3 new clients enrolled in my program.

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