July 23

Introducing the Abundantly Ever After Show


Peace and Blessings Abundant Soul!

This show is my baby! It’s the culmination of all the work that I’ve done as The Spiritual Love Healer and for Healing Single Mothers. I have been on quite the journey in this online space and wanted to find a way to bring all that I do and desire to do into one space.

Living Abundantly Ever After became my thing. It was the tagline for my business and resonated with me so deeply. Because that is what I have been doing for myself and others as a healer and coach. The pandemic severely impacted my business and a miscarriage impacted my mindset so I stepped away. The business I was building didn’t feel like me, look like me, or truly sound like me. I kept changing things, but nothing would stick, so when these two major events happened I used them as a catalyst to gain clarity.

I tuned out all the noise, got off social media, and went within. There was a new aspect of myself that wanted to come forward so I followed Spirit and allowed things to unfold, thus was the birthing of the Abundantly Ever After Show.

Along this journey, I had the opportunity to enroll in Devoted Energy Coaching School to further align my medicine and magic, and I began training to become a massage therapist, which has been on my vision board since 2018. I knew that my actual business would shift away from tarot reading and coaching, so I began preparing for that change.

There have been a lot of cycles ending and pathways being uncovered for me to follow, in the midst of all of this, Abundantly Ever After came forward to be a show. I’ve podcasted before, but again nothing stuck, because it wasn’t in alignment.

All of these changes helped me to create something that I love, that is ALL ME!

A Change Was Needed

There was an interesting shift that occurred with my business. I felt it. The people that would reach out to me would expect free services, and want me to help them build their businesses. In fact, I do consult and offer business support services, but the same people seeking help didn’t want to invest. I even had people tell me downright that they were only following me to see what I was doing so they could duplicate it.

So many people who were trying to help me would tell me to do this, niche down, change my brand it all got watered down and confusing as fuck. So I stepped away. I was called to do certain work and that’s how I’m going to do it. Business and marketing rules be damned!!

All of these things showed misalignment. I had gotten so far away from what I was supposed to be doing, and it showed. I’m not mad at all. It’s all part of my journey and I learned everything that I needed to know, so now when I re-open my business the Spiritual Love Sanctuary, and maintain this show everything will flow as it should.

What You Can Expect

For now, the show will be in audio format. Once I’m settled and have more space I do desire to have an actual SHOW and will record videos. I will share my personal stories and experiences, answer questions, share my wisdom as a healer and coach, and create different types of shows.

I have beautiful plans for the Abundantly Ever After Show and look forward to bringing them to life. Also, I’m creating a newsletter that will go out somewhat weekly, called Illumination & Inspiration. Inside I’ll share exclusive content and resources, and open my heart even more. You’ll also eventually get an invite into my private community where we can connect on deeper levels.

In addition, to show episodes, I will also share journal entries (blog posts) that you can read on my website. The content I create is focused on women, especially single mothers since I am one myself, but truly it’s for anyone dealing with hurt, trauma, or just struggling in life. Nothing is off the table when it comes to Living Abundantly Ever After because every aspect of life matters.

In the past, I’ve tried “niching down”, but picking one lane DOES NOT work for me. Hence why I’ve changed things so many times and come up with several different ideas and brands. I am here to help you if you are seeking healing, support, or guidance in moving on with your life after a fucked up experience. NO matter how small.

Some of the topics we’ll cover are love, relationships, toxic family, finances, manifesting, parenting and so much more! This is the space for you to get your mind, body, soul, and finances in order so you can release the struggle and start to thrive!

Now that you’ve discovered my corner of the world, be sure to stay in touch. Connect with me over on Instagram @abundantlyeveraftershow. For now, I’m continuing to record episodes and work on the website so that I can officially ‘launch’ and share my work with the world.

Many Blessings,



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