September 21

Money Reiki Insights

One of my goals was to be consistent with my practice with Money Reiki. I became a Grand Master level Money Reiki Practitioner in 2018.

I know the power of Reiki and because I am focusing on developing a healthy money mindset and relationship with money, I just knew I needed to integrate Money Reiki into my life.

I aligned my practice with the cycles of the Moon for even more power, and integrated Tarot and crystal healing, because why not?!

The Abundance Code Readings I shared got really great feedback! I loved doing them. That was the first collective reading I’ve done in a while. It was about 50 mins long. I know I had fun because I was singing during the reading.

This was the first full cycle of me testing it with a few people in the Abundance Code Collective membership and the changes I’ve seen are phenomenal!

Here are just a few things that I’ve noticed:

  • Finding money
  • Receving unexpected money
  • Making better financial decisions
  • Abundance awareness
  • Deeper appreciation and gratitude in general
  • Showing UP!!
  • Expanded ability to receive
  • Improved financial status
  • Marketing offerings
  • Business clarity

I am going to continue doing these sessions in alignment with the Moon. It was so much fun to do this with and ofr others too.

During the process, I was led to do a Money Aura Clearing, which was super powerful! I channeled the process and just did it.

I’m going to do those maybe weekly or at least twice a month for myself. Before offering it as a standalone service, I want to run the healing several times and see how it flows.


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