August 29

Reflecting on Facing Fears, Vulnerability, and Self Acceptance

I found myself experiencing an initiatory moment. These are also called Tower Moments in the Tarot world. It’s when shit hits the fan, and you find yourself unexpectedly having to shift and adjust to life’s circumstances. 

When I go through these moments I pause, often I keep to myself and do a lot of reflecting. I’ve created a lot of content over the years and will often go through my blog or YouTube channel to remember who I am and inspire myself. This episode was inspired by a video and reading I recorded at the beginning of 2021.

You can watch it at or keep listening here.

This was a reminder that when shit happens, it’s an initiation. At the time this was recorded I was going through deep pain, and I showed up to share with others. I can see now it was so I could get through this current moment. I haven’t spoken much about this experience but am writing about it and will share it when the time is right.


In the video, I mentioned the Healing Single Mothers Community, which is now part of the Abundantly Ever After Community with a sacred space carved out just for us single mamas.

The Single Moms Spiritual Journal is now the Spiritual Love Planner. I just started working on the 2023 version of the planner. It still has the same format but has lots of updates to help you manifest your Abundantly Ever After.

I will continue to serve single Mothers through the work that I do and am currently working on a few writing projects specific to single motherhood that I’m looking forward to sharing.

You can join me inside the Abundantly Ever After Community at 


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