September 2

Releasing Self Doubt Tarot Spread


Self doubt blocks your blessings and ability to manifest. A lot of gurus will tell you to just embody your most abundant self. They aren’t wrong, but when you’re coming from a place of trauma or unhealed shit that can be an uphill battle.

You might not feel worthy.
You can doubt yourself or your ability to manifest.

Living Abundantly Ever After starts with your mind first. Shifting your beliefs from lack to abundance. Moving from doubt to trust.

I created this spread to help you explore self doubt and find ways to release it:

1. What is the root of my self doubt?
2. How does this affect my ability to manifest?
3. What will help me uproot this doubt?
4. In what way will releasing self doubt improve my life?
5. How can I start to believe in myself now?

Give it a try and let me know how this spread helped you, or view the Collective Reading all about self doubt for guidance.


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