September 11

The Journey to Living Abundantly Ever After

Peace and Blessings Abundant Soul! Welcome to Episode 8 of the Abundantly Ever After Show.

Thank you so much for tuning into the show! I’m your host, Jovhannah Tisdale, known as the Spiritual Love Healer.

This episode is a good one. I had a realization that this entire time that I’ve felt like I wasn’t living my truth or practicing what I preach I was WRONG! I was reminded today after my Full Moon ritual that I am on the path and that all of the things I’ve experienced are part of the journey.

My dreams are literally coming true! Share about how my vision board is coming to life right now and I’m manifesting things into being that I’ve dreamed of. Every obstacle was part of the journey and all of it brought me back deeper into my practices and beliefs.

Now it’s on to the next level, are you coming along? My journey started with Positive Forward Movement, then Spiritual Love Healing which lead me to live Abundantly Ever After.

Tune in to this episode where I touch on:

  • stepping outside the box
  • my thoughts on toxic positivity
  • tuning into your soul
  • what led me to begin blogging
  • LIVE Show episodes coming to Instagram
  • what’s happening in the Community

Having people around you who see you and can reflect your truth back is so important. Make sure you’re part of the Abundant Soul Tribe.


And today, as I’m recording this episode, there is a beautiful full moon in Pisces, and I am just luxuriating in this energy, have the ability to really take it slow this morning, so I definitely slept in. I did a lot of journaling, and dreaming and then got into some of my rituals.

I won’t go into too much detail on what the ritual entailed or anything, but maybe I can talk about that at a later date and time.

What I did decide for this particular time period, is there were a lot of things that I wanted to release. And I realized that I had really been hard on myself lately, feeling like, you know, I wasn’t in alignment with like my beliefs, I wasn’t practicing the things that I preach and teach.

And so I had this moment where I did this releasing ritual and just released all of these energies and just cleared things out and I’m still not done.

There are still some things that I need to do to like, bring this to completion.

Initiation to Abundantly Living

But what I realized is that this entire time I have been actively doing the work, however, I wasn’t allowing myself to experience it.

So when I initially, like started my first blog or whatever, it was called Positive Forward Movement.

Positive Forward Movement was a mantra that I came up with. Actually, I heard it from someone who was like a mentor, a sister, and a mother to me.

She was speaking about someone else, but saying, you need to demonstrate that you’re taking positive actions and moving forward and I was like positive forward movement and it just hit me.

So I adopted that as my mantra and it carried me for years through so many things.
So when I decided to make my blog a thing, that was the name of it started out as Positive Forward Movement. Then it evolved into The Spiritual Love Coach, The Spiritual Love Healer, and from there it became the Spiritual Love Sanctuary.

Spiritual Love

So I went from a place of positive forward movement to focusing on spiritual love. Spiritual love not only encompasses relationships or romantic, but it also is more so of a focus on love of self.

It’s a deeper sense of love in general.
It’s a deeper sense of self-love.

It’s a deeper sense of love and connection with other beings and other things, which is something that I talked about as well, which kind of led me to like bringing abundance and manifesting in.

Because we have a relationship with so many different things. We have a relationship with our car, we have a relationship with money, we have a relationship with our careers, the work that we do with our colleagues. We have a relationship with the home that we live in. 

So there are so many different ways that we relate in this world. And so I wanted to really expand that because often when we hear the term relationship we’re only thinking of it as boyfriend/girlfriend.

We don’t think about the mother-child relationship or the sibling relationship or the colleague relationship.

We are in relationship with everything around us. And when we’re thinking more meta, on higher level terms, like it’s easy to see, but when we’re down in the more microscopic or the day-to-day of it, we have a very limited scope.

Energy Coaching

One of the beautiful things about myself, about my work, is that I get to see the high level, the more cosmic overlook of everything, and then I can bring it back down into the more granular, specific pinpoint how that principle applies to your life.

And it’s a beautiful gift, but one I have to be careful with because I can be so generalized when it comes to things, but I want to get better at like honing in on a specific thing so that it applies in a very specific way.

So that’s something that I am going to continue to hone and work on. It’s funny because going through Devoted Energy Coaching School this year with Sora Schilling has been a beautiful, beautiful, not only healing practice, but it helped me to really explore and anchor into my medicine or my gifts as well as it allowed me to just deepen my skills.

It was such a beautiful practice. I learned so much about myself, about the work that I want to do and that’s kind of ultimately what led me into what I’m creating. I’m creating a more beautiful, holistic way of sharing my work through Abundantly Ever After.

So yeah, so that was really beautiful, but back to what I was initially talking about.

Aligning the Heart and Mind

I had these three things that kind of blended and merged, and I’m seeing how each process stair stepped me to where I need it to be.

During the positive forward movement stage, I was really coming out of dealing with being in an abusive relationship. I struggled with depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. Really just trying to put myself back on the right track.

Trying to get myself realigned, trying to find what was I moving forward towards in life, what was going to be the outcome. So that was really where I focused more on getting my mind right.

Then there came along the time point where I was digging into relationships, love, self love and all of these things because now I have the right mindset and the right focus. So now I can weave that piece and I can come back around.

There’s of course a lot of healing involved in both of these, these aspects.

A lot of us do have a lot of trauma around relationships, whether it’s stuff from family, childhood, friendships, dating, or whatever. There’s a lot of trauma around our interactions with people because they can be harmful and sometimes just the way that we think and see ourselves can be traumatic on its own.

So I’m always, there’s always a healing aspect to anything that I do. I am just a natural healer.
That’s always going to be an aspect and element of my work.

Now our heart and mind are in alignment and we’re focusing on manifesting what it is that we want.

So as I’ve gone through these different journeys or initiations in my life like the past couple of years, I was like really, really hard on myself, even within my work and how I was showing up. 

I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, and so that’s part of the reason why I shifted a lot of things and pressed pause, and then finally just hit stop on a lot of things because I needed to recalibrate.

That allowed me to lead up to this moment where I’m like, Jovhannah, girl, this whole time you’ve been doing what it is that you needed to do, but you just could not see it because you were in it.

Sometimes it’s hard because people around you feel like you’re supposed to be here or it should look like this or, you’re just taking in a lot of advice.

Silencing the Noise

And I talked about this where sometimes you have to silence the noise.

You can have some very good, well meaning people, mentors, friends, family members, or whoever that are like, Oh well, you need to do this and you need to do that, or you shouldn’t do it like this.

Or maybe you should try this way and you forget what the hell your spirit, or what the Divine Mother, what source has planted within you to do.


You forgot the plans that you laid out in the hundreds of notebooks that you have sitting on your shelf because you got so wrapped up in what other people said. 

When you’re able to clear, cleanse, and release all of that stuff, when you’re able to get quiet, to go back into into the lab, to go back into your notebooks and look at your process and look at your journey.

This is why I am a huge proponent of journaling. I keep most of my journals, because I can go back and look at the journey.

I can go back and reread things from the times where I was dealing with major depressive episodes, from the times where I didn’t think I was going to see tomorrow, from the times when I didn’t think that my life could get any better.
And I look back and I’m like, look at how much better my life has become.

Look how much I have grown.
Look how much I have improved.
Look how much I have healed.

I’ve gone from being super depressed and crying every day to always having a smile on my face to looking back at those times and saying like I was really going through it.
But I’m grateful I allowed myself to go through it to get to the other side of this, because had I not, I might not be here.

Many people don’t make it to the other side of depression because it is such a. It’s such a dark beast. Oh my goodness, it is such a heavy, heavy energy, time, and experience to navigate.

For someone like me who had to go through it essentially alone because at that time mental health was not being talked about, if you were going to a therapist that was heavily frowned upon, you were crazy.
You were stupid.
You ruined your life. 

Like y’all me being here today is for real a blessing. That’s why I don’t take anything for granted. 

A Word on Toxic Positivity

Even when I do have bad days and bad times. I don’t allow myself to stay in it because I know that there’s always something better and brighter on the other side of that.

A lot of times people are like, oh, that’s toxic positivity and you’re bypassing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I do believe that there are times when people bypass emotions or they don’t deal with their shit however, from someone who has dealt with clinical major depressive disorder.

Telling people to be not to be happy or that being happy is toxic is so fucking damaging and detrimental.

And that’s why I will never get on the bandwagon of self love being toxic, of positivity being toxic.

Like how the hell can more positivity and self love become toxic?

Self love becomes toxic when you’re not allowing yourself to love others or when you’re loving from a place of “I’m better than you”.

That’s toxic.
That’s also not self love.
That’s a completely different thing.

So it’s like we’re taking these, and this is a whole nother conversation, but we’re taking these beautiful and pure energies and intentions and dirtying them up for no reason!

So if you see like, a house is on fire and you’re like, ‘Oh well, that’s not my business, I’m having a happy day. I’m not going to let somebody else’s house fire dampen my spirits.’ 

That’s toxic, but that’s also not positivity. That’s like turning a blind eye to a tragedy. You can at least call the fire department.

So it’s completely different things when you really think about what people are saying about toxic positivity and toxic self love and all that.

Like everything now is just toxic and I’m kind of sick of that word.

There are lots of words that I’m sick of and I think I might do like a rant episode to just talk about terms I’m so tired of hearing because they’ve been used so much that they no longer have meaning.

Like the word toxic. We throw toxic in front of everything, toxic people, toxic relationships, toxic, toxic, toxic, toxic. And it’s like, what does that even mean anymore?

I know I am all over the place, but I love it because I was sitting and was inspired, really feeling the energy and the flow! and of course because of the energy.

So you’ve got a full moon that is in Pisces with Neptune doing some things too. There’s just a lot of flowy, imaginative energy. That is where the energy of this podcast is coming from.

The Abundantly Ever After Show LIVE

While it’s on my mind, let me share a couple of updates and announcements. So I’m going to start doing a live Abundantly Ever After Show episode.

It’s so fitting because initially Abundantly Ever After was just going to be a weekly live that I did on my personal Instagram, which is The Spiritual Love Healer. And then I was like, no. Abundantly Ever After is the thread that ties together all the work that I do.

The work from Healing Single Mothers, from Positive Forward Movement, and from the Spiritual Love Sanctuary. All of these different elements come together under living abundantly ever after because that was always my goal.

My goal was always to help people heal their hearts, heal their minds so that they can go out and live the life that they want to live. Not walking on eggshells, not living in the shadows, not hiding, not being afraid to be who they are, but deciding. I want to achieve XY&Z and then going out and doing it.

And I know that it’s possible because all the shit that I’ve said I wanted to go out and achieve, I have done it or I am doing it or it is on my list to be accomplished. I haven’t given up on my goals and I cannot wait to get my belongings out of storage because I want to show you the vision board that I created.

On it, I printed off and made a small version of a massage license and I wrote my name on it and I am almost finished with massage training to become a licensed massage therapist.

This was something that I really wanted to add to my business, Spiritual Love Sanctuary because I believe in the power of touch. Massage is beneficial for our physical bodies, but it’s also beneficial for our energetic and emotional bodies because our bodies store trauma.

And as a Reiki therapist, a lot of the women that were coming to me, a lot of them had trauma, especially around the womb area and I could feel the tension. Reiki, of course, does help with that, but I wanted to really add that beautiful touch.

Initially, when I went to college, I wanted to become an athletic trainer and move into being a sports physician, and studying kinesiology. I’m excited because I get to do all of this. I can still work with athletes. I can still work with women and single mothers, and other people who really want to experience mind, body, and soul level, holistic healing.

All of my dreams are coming super true, and it’s changing the trajectory of my life for myself, and for my children. I get to live my legacy, not just have something to leave for my children and their children, and so on and so forth.

Why I Began Blogging

I also want to create shortcuts. Because it did take me a lot of time trial and error. I did a lot of this stuff on my own, and when I was able to I did invest in coaches and healers, and I’ve gone to therapy.

I love therapy. I’m a huge proponent of therapy, but I largely learned the skills that I learned to help myself. And in doing so, even when I first started my first blog, I forget what the name of it was. I wanna say it was like the Life and Times of something…. Or maybe it was like Miss J Kristina.

I forget. I don’t know, but, the reason why I created my blog and this was before blogging was a thing. This was, I want to say, in 1999, when I built my first website with HTML coding using a Microsoft program that allowed you to like use code to build websites.

It was a place for me to like dump out the things that I was experiencing, but what I realized is as I wrote is that I wasn’t just dumping. I was inspiring myself. So instead of talking about the problem, although like I might highlight what I was going through, it was more of like inspiration, motivation, and healing.

So I was like, wow. There’s something within me that’s here to help, to inspire, and to heal. I didn’t know where it was coming from at first because when I sat down I was sitting down with issues and problems.

So when I started writing solutions, inspiration, and motivation were coming out, so I knew that this was part of my work.

I knew that I had a message to share very early on in life. Early on in life, I knew that I was a healer. I knew that I was intuitive. I just didn’t know how to use my voice. I didn’t have the skills or the support to know how to cultivate that in myself at an early age.

So naturally, when I found that I was going through things in life when I needed support and an outlet writing and creating or sharing, healing and inspiration became my thing.

Healing Single Mothers

It’s something that has always sat with me, even now, like I’m working on some books. I mentioned Healing Single Mothers that actually started from a writing project, and kind of became its own thing.

I really wanted to, like, carve out a space just for single moms, because I think that’s super, super important because there are a lot of spaces that are not inclusive for single mothers.

There’s a lot of judgment, guilt, shame, and a lot of bullshit flung our way. Which is completely unnecessary, but because I didn’t want to have multiple websites I decided to merge everything into one.

So even on the Abundantly Ever After Show website, there is a section where I’ll have specific content just for single mothers, and also, inside of the community that I’ve created, which you can absolutely join, which is going to be amazing.

Learn more about the free community at
It’s a free community that you can sign up for.

Join!! That’s where I’m going to be spending the majority of my time posting because social media ain’t that social these days.

But inside there, too is a space just for single moms because I always want to carve out that space because that is a part of like, who I am as a mother. I’m raising my children alone.

And I think we always need to have a safe space for women who are on that journey because life is different for us.

So I wanted to just have that there for communal support.

Like I said, I’m writing some books based on my experience as a single mother. I also have a couple of other projects coming that I’m talking about toher traumatic experiences and ways to heal our womb, our sacral center, and things like that.

So I have a bunch of things that I’m working on and it’s really amazing because had all of the confusion, the back and forth and the ups and downs over the past, I’ll say like two to three years had not happened, I don’t think I would have the clarity that I have now.

Stepping away also allowed me to really go full throttle with my massage practice. It’s helped me to create a new business plan and business model, as well as different ways to bring in income.

I am truly living abundantly ever after.

I’m not fully where I want to be, but I’m super grateful for the foundational pieces that I am setting up.

So when I do press go, I’m launching full throttle and I want to be able to take other people with me because we do not have to settle, and you do not have to struggle and love and life and money and anything!

There’s truly a beautiful, abundant world out there, and I think one of the things too, that sets me slightly apart is that although, yes I’m very spiritual. I’m very much about that energetic aspect of things.

I also come at things from an, I’ll say real world, world perspective. So when I’m talking about manifesting, when I’m talking about healing, I’m going to talk about it from a perspective that you can understand on your everyday day-to-day versus talking about it from a higher spiritual perspective that may seem a little too out there for people.

So there probably will be, of course, sometimes when I do speak on things from a high level perspective, oftentimes I will come on and do readings and things like that.

But yeah, I’m just so grateful for this realization and acknowledgment and I wanted to share this with you because right now you are probably going through something and you may not realize that while you’re in the thick of it, you’re also making things happen.

You’re also moving forward because we can be so blinded by what we’re experiencing presently. But then when it’s over and you look back and you’re like, well, damn, I made it out of here, like, why was I tripping?

And it’s because you sometimes cannot see your greatness.

Community Matters

This is another reason why I’m all about community. I’m all about having sacred spaces and having people around you who can reflect your greatness back to you.

Think about it like this. If everyone around you thinks of you as a screw up, or someone who should have done something different with their life, or someone who’s not living up to their standards, or someone who should have XY&Z.

They’re not going to see the you that you’re becoming, they’re not going to be able to highlight the good points like, OK, well yeah, maybe you don’t have an awesome career right now, but you’ve got a really good heart.

You’ve got a really good head when it comes to like business stuff or you’ve got a really good head when it comes to taking care of family or you’re really good at, I don’t know, being creative, you’re like a really great with your hands.

They’re not going to acknowledge the aspects of you that they don’t want to acknowledge.
Because in their eyes, you’re not who you’re supposed to be. Meanwhile, you have a vision of who it is that you want to be, and no one’s asked you what do you see for yourself?

No one ever asks you that.

They just tell you you’re not shit and that you’re not doing the things that you should be doing because that’s what they did or that’s what they think you should do.

So that’s why I’m all about having community, because you have people who can be like, yes, I see you. I see what you’re doing. Congratulations on that win.

I’m so proud of you for speaking up.

Good for you, for focusing on your goals and dreams.

Good for you for taking a step back or taking less hours at work, or taking less clients or closing down your business to go back to school so that you can do something better, do something different.

People don’t do that.

They just like to talk shit and try to force you into these little boxes. Well, you need people around you who can say, burn that box to the ground and build yourself something magnificent.

You need people who can see you for who you are, not for who you were when you were like 8 years old. No one wants to let you live down the shit that you did in your past, from years ago.

Inside the Abundantly Ever After Community

That is what living abundantly ever is all about. It’s about creating space for you to truly heal your heart.

It’s about creating space for you to expand your vision, to open your mind about what’s possible for you. For you to receive, for you to start believing that you are worthy and deserving of more.

For you to learn how to start receiving more and then for you to go on and live the life that you want.

So that’s what it’s about. That’s why I’m doing this. That’s why this is here.

I really love that for me, this is a passion project. This is what I wanted my blogs to be, to begin with. Then I kind of got pulled into the Monetization world and I don’t really want that for this space.

Yes, I will have a couple of offerings through Abundantly Ever After. But that’s about it.

I have a separate business that I am going to be reopening, relaunching. It’s not going to be something that I do a lot of online, maybe outside of some coaching stuff and maybe I’ll open up some coaching spaces for people who maybe do want my support in that way as well, because I really do love that.

I want to call in the abundant souls who are ready to wake up, tap into their abundance codes, and who are ready to tap into abundance.

We’re ready to step into being healed, ready to elevate and expand and do all of these amazing, beautiful things that I know that we are all capable of.

So if that is you, tap in, go ahead and join me in the community.

It’s brand new. Like I said, it’s where I’m going to be sharing.

I already have a poll created for you to vote on the tribe reading that I’ll do in the group.

So the beautiful thing about being part of this community is that you get access to content that I’m not posting on social media, like these readings that I’ll be doing specifically for the community.

You can vote on whether you want it to be focused on love or personal or spiritual growth if you want it to be focused on abundance or money.

So I’ll do monthly readings just for the community members so it’ll be a collective. Where I’ll tune into the energy of the group and share what message the cards have. I’m also opening up some challenges or journeys to do things together that will change your life so you can participate.

They’ll be like challenges, like goal setting, so you can learn how to set goals if that’s not.
Something that you’re familiar with also be doing, live Q&A sessions, we’ll have events, including a book club and I’ll start adding in some bonus masterclasses.

Some of these are things that I have taught in the past before, but I’m just going to post them there and if I do any new masterclasses they will be in the group.

Another amazing thing is that if there’s something that you want or need, you can ask me, and if it’s something that the group can benefit from, then I will create resources around that.

So it is a truly sacred space for you and you can learn more on my website.

Click the tab that says community and it tells you all about you know what the community is and how you can become part of the abundant soul tribe.

I am so, so grateful for you.

A couple of things that I’m going to be working on are:

  • Creating an intro and outro to the podcast just to jazz it up a little bit.
  • Starting to pull together events that I’ll be hosting
  • Putting together the book club schedule for the community
  • Making Abundantly Ever After the home base for all the things that I have done.

So tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell all the people that if they want to experience elevation, if they’re tired of the struggle, if they want us place that’s really for them, focused on healing and doing the things in the day-to-day that are going to allow you to manifest what it is that you need in your life.

Maybe we’re not focusing on manifesting like Ferraris and $1,000,000 in two days type things, but we’re focused on really like manifesting stability and security and loving relationships in our lives.

We can get to the millions and stuff later because that’s coming. I believe that we all have the ability to tap into an abundance of wealth and abundance of success and that’s what I’m going to be sharing here with you.

So again, thank you so much for listening.

I’m Jovhannah, the Spiritual Love Healer, host of the Abundantly Ever After Show. I am a spiritual healer, tarot reader, and coach here to help you heal, grow and live abundantly ever after pain and trauma.



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